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Bibliotecarios.AR is an exclusive catalog publication service for libraries and documentation centers based on cloud technologies.
Our mission is to bring modern web technologies to organizations that do not have the necessary resources to publish their catalogs on the Internet.
Our model and architecture is based on three fundamental pillars:

CDS/ISIS + cloud + ABCD

CDS/ISIS database engine

  • Engine optimized for textual databases.
  • Advanced indexing techniques.
  • Light, fast and with minimal hardware requirements.
  • International standard developed by UNESCO.
  • Possibility of working with all the most popular formats (MARC, CEPAL, etc.)

Cloud technology

  • Paradigm that allows offering computing services through the Internet in a flexible and optimized way.
  • Availability 7x24x365 without geographical limitations.
  • Very low cost, it does not require investment in hardware resources nor does it require installing software or applications.
  • May be accessed from any browser and any device (computers, tablets or cell phones).
  • IT staff is not required for the administration of the equipment.

ABCD system

  • Simple user interface and easy to learn (based on Winisis).
  • Management of personalized work sheets.
  • Flexibility for the design of display formats.
  • Loading of images and full text documents in each record.
  • Sending records by mail in PDF format.
  • Loan module with user management and availability.
  • Barcode option for inventory management.

This new way of working allows us to use the advantages of the cloud transparently and at a very low cost, in order to focus our internal resources on the successful management of our library.

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About us

Bibliotecarios.AR is an exclusive Internet portal whose main objective is to bring the most modern Internet technologies closer to organizations that do not have the necessary resources to access the publication of their catalogs on their own Internet servers.

Bibliotecarios.AR offers the possibility of publishing the databases in the CDS-ISIS format that they use in their local network, making them available to any user who is connected via the Internet.

If you are part of a library, send us your query and we will provide you with the necessary advice for the online publication of your databases free of charge.

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What is ABCD?

ABCD is a software package for the Automation of Libraries and Documentation Centers, which allows the uploading and updating of records online through the Internet.

ABCD offers an integrated management tool that facilitates acquisitions, the creation and administration of bibliographic databases, cataloging, circulation and control of publications.

ABCD has been developed as a flexible and versatile bibliographic tool that provides solutions for librarians, catalogers and museologists, and anyone responsible for managing a documentation center.

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Our community

Our community continues to grow every day.

We are looking forward to acomplish our goal of more than 100 databases and more than a million library records published.

Contact us to publish the database of your library!

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